MAHARASHTRA BAPTIST SOCIETY is tirelessly reaching the unreached, touching the untouched, loving the unloved and serving the entire community irrespective of whatsoever background, religion, caste.

In this endeavour Maharashtra Baptist Society, is building the future of this great nation, by getting involved in the lives of the young kids who are in the streets and by-lanes of the red light area, the young kids of the adivasis and tribals who are subject to child labor in the brick kilns. MBS vision is to rescue the little boys in these places and keep them in safe home, educate them and teach them to live a good life so as to be a good citizen of this nation.

As MBS we are blessed by this act of pouring out so much for these little ones and we would want you to be a part of this blessings too. One of the ways you could be a blessing and be blessed is by your generous and sacrificial giving by either sponsoring a child for his education, food, clothing; or sponsor a need of the home; or commit to support the staff who are taking care of these little ones.

MBS invites you to consider contributing to this great opportunity for these dear little ones.

  • The cost of sponsoring a child for his education, food and clothing is INR 7500/- (approx. USD $ 120)
  • The cost of supporting a need for the home is whatever you are led to, as there is great need of play items for the children both indoor and outdoor, visual aids for the children to teach them values, story books to develop their reading etc.
  • The cost of supporting a staff who is taking care of these little ones is INR 12500/- to INR 22500/- (approx. USD $ 200 to USD $ 350) per month as per their job responsibilities.

As King Solomon in one of his Proverbs says, “A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25. As you generously refresh these little ones, you yourself with be refreshed. Thank you for considering and for any contribution you choose to make!

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