In 1984 the South East Asia Director of the Foreign Mission Board, Dr. Jerry Rankin had a vision to start church planting work in Mumbai. Rev. G. Krupananda who was working with the INDIAN BAPTIST SOCIETY, Bangalore came to MUMBAI, to work under the banner of NATIONAL INDIAN MINISTRIES. In 1995 Rev.Krupananda relocated back to Bangalore.

In 1996 Pastor Vivian Fernandes who was working as an office manager since 1986 for National Indian Ministries was appointed as a Coordinator by the National Indian Ministries. It was a moment of great transition and the challenge for him to take the Baptist Mission to the next level. It was his vision to see that Baptist ministry in Mumbai to be self-supporting churches.

In 2001, looking at the growth of the local churches and their striving towards being self supportive the BAPTIST MISSION work became localized by being self-supporting, self-propagating and self-governing.

In 2002, the organization had to be registered with a new name MAHARASHTRA BAPTIST SOCIETY.